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27 July 2007 @ 12:20 pm
you young gurls must appreciate your status!  
i am saying this because when you're in your teens & 20's its easy to lose weight. start getting into your 30's & especially your fuKn 40's & its OVER. i know this because 6 yrs ago i could weigh 143 & NOT have my fuKin thighs rub together. now.....i am 44 & i weigh 134, 9 lbs less than then & my fuKin thighs are still rubbing together :-O i exercise so thats not it. its because when you get older your metabolism sux @$$.
yesterday was a success, dont know how many cali's but only 1/2 a sandwich from panera bread. i feel fuKn pissa!!  thats day 2 of ruling supreme & the day before i had 260 cali's daily tally, amaZing!!!

so on that note i will wish EVERYONE a good day & night

luv you gurls, aliana